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Rates from 9.9% APR. Representative APR 22.9%. Car Finance R Us is a credit broker, not a lender.
  • You are about to apply for car finance with us. During this process, a (‘soft’) credit reference search will be conducted, but this will in no way affect your credit score.
  • CarfinanceRus will use your contact information to reach out to you in relation to processing this application for car finance and securing a deal with a reputable lender.
  • Even though submitting an application with us won’t affect your credit score, we advise you to wait until you definitely want finance.
  • We also suggest you think about the costs associated with the vehicle of your choice. Other factors such as fuel, insurance, tax, and servicing will all have an influence on the affordability of your car in the long run.
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Representative Example 22.9% APR

Representative example: Borrowing £8,000 over 5 years with a representative APR of 22.9%, annual interest rate of 22.9% APR (Fixed) and a deposit of £0.00, the monthly payment would be £215.52 per month, with a total cost of credit of £4,931.20 and a total amount payable of £12,931.29. This is an example only. Lender fees may apply, finance is subject to status.

Car Finance R Us is a broker, not a lender
We are a creditbroker, not a lender. We compare multiple lenders to help you find the best rate available from our panel based upon your individual credit profile. We do receive a commission. That commission is either a fixed fee per finance agreement, or a commission based on a percentage of the total amount of finance taken. This, however, will not affect the interest rate offered or the total amount repayable.

Application Process FAQ's

Yes you can make a join application for car finance. However, the other person you apply with must live at the same house as you and be one of the following:

  • Spouse
  • Partner
  • Civil Partner
  • Son or daughter
  • Sibling

Once you’ve applied, we will look at both your incomes to see if they total the minimum required by our lenders and go from there.

No. This would be called fronting and is illegal. However, you can make a joint application together, which will mean we’ll take both your incomes into account in our affordability checks.

A representative APR can be used to compare lenders against each other. When a loan is advertised with a representative APR, it means that at least 51% of customers receive a rate that is the same as or lower than this representative APR. The APR you receive will be based on your credit score. This can be the same, lower or higher than the representative APR and your APR may not be the same rate that is offered to someone else. This is due to your individual financial circumstances.We are unable to tell you exactly what your APR will be until you apply

Although some lenders do and do not offer a 14-day cooling off period, you do have the right to withdraw from your car finance agreement with them. You do not need to give any reason, but you must withdraw from the agreement within 14 days of you receiving a signed agreement from the lender.You can submit a withdrawal request by writing to the lender you obtained your financing through. 

We can help so get in touch on our contact us page. 

You can also call our Customer Services Team on 0208 0376060 to discuss this matter.

If you decide to withdraw from a car finance agreement beware you must repay the amount you borrowed from the Lender, including any accrued interest within 30 days of submitting your Withdrawal Request. Interest will accrue each day from the date the credit was provided to you until the day you repay the credit. The exact daily amount will be stated in your contract.

You can apply for multiple vehicles on finance with our lenders, as long as you fit within their specific multiple vehicle criteria and your application passes our affordability checks.

When you first apply to us (whether online or over the phone or through a vehicle supplier), the initial credit search we carry out to check if it looks like we can offer you finance is what’s known as a ‘soft search’. This means it won’t affect your credit score. After the initial application, if you want to enter an agreement with one of our lenders then they will carry out a full credit search which will show on your credit file.

The difference between a soft credit check and a hard credit check is important to know when applying for any type of finance.

A hard credit check is visible to other lenders and shows if you’ve been declined for finance or make multiple initial applications. This can negatively impact on your credit score and could make it harder for you to get finance in the future. We will only ever conduct a hard credit search once you’ve found the vehicle you want to finance and are happy for us to proceed. 

A soft credit search is an initial credit check which doesn’t leave a footprint on your credit file. We only ever will conduct a soft credit search on your initial application.

 Can I apply for car finance with low income?

Yes you can apply for car finance with a low income. Each lender will have their own lower limits for your monthly wage after tax. This ranges anywhere from £1000 to £1500.

We can’t guarantee we’ll approve everyone who applies for vehicle finance because guaranteed car finance doesn’t exist. However, we do our level best to pair you with the best lender from our extensive panel of lenders.It’s always worth submitting an initial application to us as we have helped many people successfully obtain car finance.

Absolutely. Many of our lenders take applications from serving Armed Forces Members.

Once we have arranged your finance and a pay-out has been made to the dealer you are free to pick up your vehicle!

Even if you’ve been turned down, we usually can help! Make an application today by following our link HERE

Yes, in most cases you can pay your agreement in full (early settlement) or make additional payments (partial early settlement) at any stage during the life of the agreement.

At Car Finance R US our lenders offer a ‘Conditional Sale Agreement’ which means they legally own the vehicle while you are paying off your vehicle finance. Once all charges have been paid then the vehicle can be transferred to be yours legally.


If you have any questions at all about changing or upgrading your vehicle then please speak to our Direct Sales Team on 0208 037 6060

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